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Environmental Sustainability

Our outlook on environmental sustainability is that it is essential to maintain environmentally friendly building sites as well as sustainable and “Green” buildings.

We are continually developing and improving our environmental policies and procedures to minimise power and water usage, minimise pollution, maximise our recycling capabilities and make better use of environmentally sustainable building materials throughout our construction projects.

With substantial experience in building "environmentally sustainable" buildings we like to utilise this experience to provide our clients with more options in the use of sustainable products and materials to help minimise the carbon footprint of our projects.


LANEY CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LTD provides building construction and/or refurbishment to a wide range of clients. All of these activities may have some effect on the natural environment.

Laney Constructions Pty Ltd vision is to be a preferred supplier to local municipalities, other statutory authorities and to private enterprise organisations for these services. They therefore incorporate sound environmental practices as part of all their works.

Laney Constructions aim to continuously improve their environmental management performance.

In order to accomplish this goal Laney Constructions Pty Ltd will -:

  • Ensure that daily operations are undertaken in a manner that is  committed to sustainable development including pollution prevention,
  • Pursue environmental performance which exceeds the regulatory requirements and industry standards to which Laney Constructions Pty Ltd subscribe, guided by the principles of the ISO14000 series of  standards.
  • Enhance communications by ensuring that this policy is available to all staff and the public, and ensure its periodic review after implementation.
  • Maintain and regularly review this policy and the objectives and targets developed under our Environmental Management System.